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Daily Distractions – PoMo Poetry

Posted by madaardvark on June 28, 2010

[insert postmodern picture here]

The most fun I have by myself

is reading terrible poetry that

people post on their blogs.  It’s fun

and easy to find.  I am usually

horrified at the postmodern

implications of the phenomenon.

It’s easy to slap together a poorly

planned poem and post it on a blog.

While I was letting the WordPress

Readomatic find random new blog

entries for me, based either on tags

or categories that show up on my

own blog, I see a new poem posted

nearly every five minutes.  Maybe

it’s a Monday phenomenon.  Maybe

people have an urge on a Monday

lunch break to reduce their stress

and find an outlet for their frustrations

by posting a poem about something

unrelated to their boss acting like

an asshole, rather than tell their boss

that he is, in fact, an asshole.  They

would probably help themselves much

more by blogging or even writing a

poem about their shitty boss instead

of the most popular postmodern poetry

themes: their individuality, their love life,

or their secret Christianity.  (For some

reason, everybody wants to write about

Jesus, but nobody wants to admit it.)


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Weird Searches…

Posted by madaardvark on April 27, 2010

Older posts of mine are still getting traffic, and occasionally still getting comments.  I must be doing something right if these older posts are still topical.  For reference, here is a list of recent search terms that have led people to my blog:

necronomicon, dorian gray, anime sucks, dorian gray 2009, the emotional let down after love making 18th century

I don’t know who is interested in 18th Century post-coital depression, but that’s the funniest damn search I’ve seen yet.  I’m also happy to know that people stumble on my blog when searching for Lovecraft-inspired fictional texts. 

I remember in high school, and maybe slightly before, during the epidemic of satanic cult hysteria that swept the nataion.  Nothing made kids tread dark paths more than parents freaking out about it.  Anyway, the Necronomicon was a powerful tool of initiation for pimple-faced teenagers looking to shock their parents and teachers with Dark Majicks.  Nevermind the fact that Lovecraft invented the whole idea of the Necronomicon.  It frightened parents and made scary kids scarier.

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